Core Drilling Equipment and Personnel

Core Drilling Equipment and Personnel

Examining Rock Samples

Geologist Examining Rock Samples

Finished Copper Products (Copper Cathodes)

Finished Copper Products (Copper Cathodes)

ESG - Community Engagement

Since we began our operations, we have fostered an engaged and open relationship with the community, the majority of whom are highly supportive of our activities. We will continue with this tradition of openness, by taking part in community meetings where we can answer questions and address concerns directly.

On December 1, 2021 at 7pm in the Mackay High School auditorium, we will hold an open Townhall meeting for all residents to raise questions and provide comments with PXC management directly. Several UK-based board members will also be in attendance.

PXC has maintained a budget to provide sponsorship of local sporting and community events, and we are open to suggestions from the inhabitants of Mackay and other nearby towns.

As an extension of our efforts to impact our community in a positive way , our geologists are working with the FFA Program (Future Farmers of America) in the local high school to foster interest in mining activities and to inspire enthusiasm for the industry in the future.

Our Plan of Operations included a third- party archaeological study, which confirmed that we have identified no issues with historical settlements, artefacts or burial grounds.

Local Regeneration and Employment

Our operations are on an existing brownfield site, close to Mackay, Idaho. We are committed to hiring and procuring locally wherever possible, and require our suppliers to do the same.

We anticipate the majority of our hiring to be current residents from Mackay and the surrounding communities, including Arco and Challis. Hiring preference will be for local residents. Positions not able to be filled locally will be advertised to wider Idaho and then on to Western USA.

Phoenix Copper Limited wanted to make sure that any impact that we had on the local area was a positive one, so, we had a detailed baseline socio-economic study done. The study has indicated that bringing the mine(s) back into operation will result in considerable regeneration to the local area and will have significant and lasting economic benefits.

We are working in advance with local municipalities, and the community to ensure that this process is managed in a sensitive manner, to ensure as little disruption to existing inhabitants as possible, while welcoming newcomers into a community which has adequate housing, healthcare, educational and leisure facilities.

The mining operation will have its own emergency and fire-fighting capabilities at the mine and processing sites, but we recognize that as the community grows, additional emergency and law enforcement services will be required and existing utilities will need to expand. Again, we are working with community leaders to ensure that these services are in place ahead of population growth.

Housing & Traffic

We anticipate that housing and services for additional employees will be required. We are working with local contractors and developers to help fill the housing gap. Our priority is to encourage housing construction within city limits.

Main Street traffic will include employees driving to work, supply shipments to the mine, and product from the processing facility. Supply deliveries and copper shipments are anticipated to result in 10-15 trucks per week, each truck meeting Highway 93 load limits. And in a further effort to keep employee traffic down, parking at the mine will be limited. Shuttle service and employee ride share programs will be encouraged.

The City has requested a geoengineering study on the city roadways and smelter bridge to ensure that increased traffic will not adversely affect current water and sewage works. This study is currently underway, and is being wholly funded by PXC.