Lenie Wilkie, ESG Coordinator

Lenie Wilkie
ESG Coordinator


Copper Ore on the Surface
Empire Mine

Environment, Social & Corporate Governance

Sustainability is of such key importance to us that we established our ESG & Sustainability Committee in June 2021, considerably in advance of our move from exploration to production. Copper and other precious metals are central to the world’s transition to a clean energy future, and PXC is committed to sustainability at every stage of the mining process and to tailoring all corporate practices to the priorities of wider community stakeholders.

Long-term environmental stewardship is a valuable end in itself, but as an added advantage, companies with high ESG standards are better able to attract and retain quality staff, avail themselves of additional environmental maintenance, and are less likely to be impacted by environmental emergencies. Phoenix Copper Limited ("PXC"), is using processing technology that aligns our business model with our environmental and social goals.

Why does Phoenix Copper Limited place such a high-value on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance?

ESG is one of our core values. Increasing the world-wide supply of copper is a key component towards producing clean energy all over the planet.

  • We believe:

    1. Mackay, Idaho and its surrounding areas provides one of the best geological, political, and economical opportunities to build and operate a modern, state-of-the-art copper mine and processing facility.
    2. Our renewable-energy future goes hand-in-hand with the high-standards of social and environmental responsibility. "91% of global consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit, but also operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues."
      - Corporate Governance Statement

      We Agree. We are in the process of assessing ways in which we can measure our ESG activities in order to keep Management and the Board accountable to employees and stakeholders.
    3. Our success as an ESG industry leader begins at home. We live, breathe, work and play in Mackay, Idaho. We hope that a large number of our employees will be from the local area, and everyone else will be eager to relocate with their families. We honor nature, wildlife, and outdoor activities. ESG outcomes will be measured by the positive, tangible imapact we have on our community. This includes mine-site level indicators, business conduct, economic development, community support and well-being, health and safety, and environmental responsibility.

Corporate Governance

We are highly fortunate to be operating in an area where the rule of law is unambiguous, and where taxation is transparent and fair. The mining industry is highly regulated by State and Federal laws, including those pertaining to the environment, employment and safety. We are taking this further by exploring ways of emulating ‘Good Neighbor Agreements’ that operate successfully between mining companies and their neighbors elsewhere.

Health & Safety

We are committed to maintaining this record in the future by adhering to the highest health and safety standards and to providing a safe and enjoyable workplace.

Repurposing & Rehabilitation

We have a desire and responsibility to ensure that at the end of the mine life, the sites of our operations are rehabilitated and pose no danger to people or wildlife.

When our operations cease, we will seal off tunnels and adits, level out cliffs to ensure that the terrain is stable, and plant over the area with native grasses to blend with the surrounding environment. We are unlikely to be required to undertake rewilding activities, as the mine sites are surrounded by natural countryside, and we anticipate that animal, bird and plant life will quickly take over.

We are required to post a cash reclamation bond prior to the commencement of mining operations. The amount is yet to be determined but it will be significant, and will not be redeemable until we have carried out all necessary rehabilitation work.