Lenie Wilkie, ESG Coordinator

Lenie Wilkie
ESG Coordinator

Environment, Social & Corporate Governance

Phoenix Copper Limited (PXC) is committed to meeting and exceeding the environmental standards required by law as a core value of the Company. The baseline environmental data collected to date will be used for furthering the permitting process, but as importantly, will be used as the building blocks for the Company’s future Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) platform.

ESG is a metric used in the mining industry to weigh in on ethics and sustainability. The goal with PXC is to target projects that are sustainable in the environment and beneficial to the community. An ESG programme will become active when mine activities shift from exploration to active. Even in the exploration phase, PXC is committed to tailoring practices to the priorities of community stakeholders rather than the boardroom.

  • Operating polices currently include:

    • Community Engagement and Local Procurement: Communities that may be affected by mining should be given their fair weight.
    • Local Employment and Living Wages: Commitment to train local residents to become mine workers.
    • Environmental impact assessments and water/air quality: Priority to distribute and discuss results with affected stakeholders.
    • Post-closure viability for communities and progressive rehabilitation.