Navarre Creek

Exploration Project

Navarre Creek Highlights

Custer County, Idaho

  • Located 5km west of Empire Mine.
  • 14.48 km2 claim block.
    • Mapping, ariel hyperspectral imaging, and geomagnetic ground survey results allow efforts to be concentrated on areas shown to be most promising.
  • 2023 Navarre Creek drilling plan approved by US Forest Service.

The Navarre Creek gold exploration project is located roughly 5 km west of Phoenix Copper's flagship project, the Empire Mine, on 14.48 km2 of unpatented mining claims in Custer County, Idaho.

Phoenix Copper geologists and contractors have completed extensive surface exploration activities to determine which areas are most suitable to target for future drilling. Exploration work completed to date includes mapping, airborne hyperspectral mineral imaging, and geomagnetic ground surveying.

The exploration activities Phoenix has conducted to date confirm the mineral potential and the consistent results between each program are driving further exploration and drill targeting.